Yoga. Meditation. Intuitive Self Inquiry. Transformation.

Kundalini is known as the yoga of Awareness. Connect with your higher consciousness, your heart & the teacher within.
Postures to increase mental clarity, physical strength, flexibility & vitality. Meditations to clear negative patterns.
Conscious breathing to calm your body & focus your mind.
All levels are welcome.


We are here to support you along your life's journey as you meet your whole, healthy self.  Our entire team of teachers warmly welcome you to all classes, workshops and community gatherings.  Your whole self is welcome!  Come as you are.

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a practical and powerful practice that works quickly to give you grace, balance, and the ability to remain calm, centered and clear through life's challenges.  As you practice, you will grow.  You will gain new perspectives and capacities, as well as habits that support a healthy lifestyle.  You don't need any previous experience in yoga in order to achieve results with your very first class.

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On - Line Healing & Awakening Community
Yoga - Meditation - Detoxification - Community - Life Transformation

You are invited to join a community of like-hearted people healing and awakening through yoga, meditation, detoxification, and authentic connection.  Receive daily guidance, structure, support, encouragement, regular feedback, inspiration, and intuitive self-inquiry for greater self awareness within a committed community.  This is a safe space for men and women of all ages to do the inner work. 

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40 Day Transformation Program

Find your true identity. 
Throughout the year you're invited to join a thriving community for 8 different meditative programs that last 40 Days each.  Dive into the yogic teachings for a full experience of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to transform your body, mind and spirit..  

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