A Monthly Subscription to On-Line Healing & Awakening
Yoga - Meditation - Detoxification - Community - Life Transformation  

You are invited to join a community of like-hearted people healing and awakening through yoga, meditation, detoxification, and authentic connection. 

Receive daily guidance, structure, support, encouragement, regular feedback, inspiration, and intuitive self-inquiry for greater self awareness within a committed community. This is a safe space for men and women of all ages to do the inner work.  



Experience deep emotional processing, safely defrosting emotional numbness, and creating emotional well-being energetically and mentally

Heal your body and body systems with Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga 

Strengthen your Nervous System and feel Resilient in your body and mind

Develop a healthy relationship with your mind, train your mind to serve your life through various types of meditation  

community & detox

Practice connection and relating skills with others on the path of self-healing, self-awareness, self-loving, self-illuminating 

Gain greater awareness about your life purpose and mission based on your desires and what you love to do 

Detoxify your body through the process of Cellular

Detoxification, Living Mucus Free Lifestyle and Master Fasting