Shanti Naam means"Peaceful Being"

Our heart-felt wish is for every person to be seen, heard and honored in their authenticity.  A safe place to be just who you are.  We opened our space to provide experiences that get you back into touch with who you really are. Shanti Naam is a safe place to feel, to express and to grow naturally.

After a daily 40-day meditation for life purpose, a voice spoke clearly to me.  It said, "Open a space."  

I started a "Go Fund Me" campaign to raise funds, and Shanti Naam was born in about three months. I am grateful to all the supporters who make Shanti Naam Yoga come to life, and the community that is ever evolving, learning and expanding.  I've learned that anything is possible, and so at Shanti Naam we support you, your journey, and your dreams.  

The practice of yoga, meditation and detoxification are the tools we share and from here, we all experience the miracle that absolutely anything is possible.